Confidentiality Policy

Note about Confidentiality:

As a Social Worker, Angela is bound by professional secrecy. This means that all services provided are confidential. All records are confidential and are the property of Angela Di Paola. There are some exceptional situations in which confidentiality may have to be breached.  These are:

  • Concerns about child welfare (child abuse or neglect)
  • Imminent threat of death or serious injury to self or others
  • Subpoena or Court Order

It is also important to note that on her end, Angela will take all reasonable measures to ensure that confidentiality is maintained (Use of Secure Socket Layer Encryption for e-mails/ video/chat sessions; conducting telephone/video sessions in a secure and private environment).  That being said, please be aware of the following:

  • For a telephone/ video session: You are responsible for your surroundings. Therefore, by conducting a session in a public location, you are accepting the risk that a third party may overhear what is said during a session. To protect yourself, please ensure that you are in a private location, free from prying ears
  • Any information or emails stored on your computer should be password protected. You are responsible for maintaining it’s security, meaning that Angela will not be held responsible should a third party access private information stored on your computer.
  • Should you accept to receive text messages from Angela, you will be held responsible for safeguarding the message.

Note that it is strictly prohibited to record video sessions without Angela’s consent. Should you record a video session, you will be held completely responsible for maintaining the security of it’s content, meaning that Angela will not be held responsible should a third party access a video file that you have recorded.