Angela Di Paola MSW
Self-Development Consultant, Coach & Author

Coach and Consultant, Angela Di Paola, available to help you achieve your self-development goals!

It is difficult to be in a situation where you are unhappy or unsatisfied, whether it be with your relationships, your career, your appearance, or your sense of self.
You want to make a change, but change can be frightening. Even more so if you are the one to instigate this change.  What if you are making a mistake? What if you fail? And so while you want to move forward, you are paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. You are not alone. Most people have felt this way at some point in their lives. Some continue to feel this way throughout their lives.  They don't have to, and you certainly don't have to. Though you might not feel it at the moment:
You Are Capable.
You are Strong.
You are Worthy
You are the Hero of Your story, deserving of every goal and every dream you genuinely desire. Deserving of every opportunity to go out there and make them a reality! You can do it! Truly.
Sure, you might falter and even make mistakes. Who among us hasn't? So long as there's an opportunity to learn and grow, you're still winning.You may even find yourself needing help. That's okay, we all do. In fact, I have yet to meet anyone who has achieved any level of personal success who hasn't asked for some type of guidance or support along the way.
I'd be honored to support you on your journey as your self development coach, consultant, cheerleader and number 1 fan!

  As a Self Development Coach and Consultant, I will help you:

Uncover your inner strength

Develop your sense of purpose

Develop your sense of personal power

Complete goals that matter to you

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You are a Strong and Capable person. You are the Expert of Your own life. Though you may not believe it at the moment, you already have the answers and skills within to overcome whatever uncertainty or challenges you may be facing. 
My role as a coach is to provide you with the tools to draw these skills and answers out in a judgement-free environment where you are safe and supported. I'm here to empower and motivate you to move forward. To learn more about me, click here.